4 Popular Networking Events for Hunting Enthusiasts

Feeling a little crummy because deer hunting season has come to a close? Are you downhearted by the sight of your precious deer hunting blind sitting empty in that vacant snow-covered field? Don’t let the burn of inactivity bring you down! Rather than letting the end of hunting season get to your head, you should instead find ways to silence your inner predatory spirit. While there are many ways to do this, such as excessive outdoor target practice with your favorite Remington or devouring whatever deer meat scraps that remain in your freezer, you might as well explore some popular networking events with all this spare time on your hands. Here are four renowned networking events for hunting enthusiasts to attend during the notorious off-season.

Great American Outdoor Show


There’s nothing quite like kicking off the end of a successful hunting season with a massive gathering of like-minded individuals! The Great American Outdoor Show is a famous annual event that normally attracts more than 400 hunting and fishing outfitters from across the globe. At this show, you can enjoy amenities such as 1,100 exhibitors involved in pretty much everything outdoors, archery contests, American folk art, celebrity appearances, comfort food with a touch of game, interactive hunting activities and even a country music concert. Hosted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this event celebrates all these outdoor traditions over a span of nine days in the month of February, establishing Harrisburg as a true American mecca for hunters everywhere! In fact, there is still one day left to cover for this 2018 annual event, in case you’re already close enough to take a last-minute journey. If not, you can always see what all the buzz is about by reviewing the highlights on the event website, perhaps plan a trip for next year!

Western Virginia Sports Show


It’s a known fact that certain locations are more suitable for skilled hunting parties, especially when dealing with desolate areas like the Appalachian Range. Its homebase of nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Western Virginia Sports Show is a terrific display of the diverse hunting that the area is known for. At this event, you can enjoy attractions like lectures from world-class hunters, live wildlife displays such as a grizzly bear show, contests involving a trout fishing tank and dozens of local and national exhibitions. This show takes place on the weekend of February 3rd in the cozy little town of Fisherville, Virginia.

Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo


Some events are simply unavoidable for true hunting enthusiasts, occurring at just the right time and place. Hosted on the lukewarm date of May 2nd, at the esteemed Peoria Civic Center, the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo is one of the year’s most anticipated events for amateur and professional hunters alike. Presented by both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines, this event boasts exciting features like cutting-edge weapons sampling, seminars full of valuable sporting information, a trophy deer contest for hunters to truly test their mettle, hands-on activities like a chainsaw carving demonstration, as well as more than enough authentic finger food to feast on.

Dixie Deer Classic


There is another world-famous hunting event that serves as a terrific example of what it means to truly take pride in one’s favorite weekend hobby: the Dixie Deer Classic event. As hunters from around the country gather on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, they can immerse themselves in archery contests, weapons handling seminars, trail camera video contests, a turkey calling battle and exhibitions from hundreds of well-known outdoor retailers and hunting professionals. Don’t miss this event on March 2nd this year, especially if you consider yourself a fan of the tradition of hunting. It is certainly no secret to every variety of hunter that the Dixie Deer Classic is one of the most elaborate shows of its kind.

Every hunter has his or her own way of enjoying the sport, adapting to strengths and weaknesses in order to take home the best game possible. With this in mind, why not attend some famous networking events in order to learn from other hunters? After all, it only makes sense to learn from the best…maybe show off your last twelve-point kill while you’re in the company of fellow sportsmen!


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