My name is Aaron Small, and I have always been a writer with ever-expanding talents. I am never satisfied with what I know, prompting me to always strive for something greater and stronger challenges! Throughout the years (even decades), I have grown from simply an aspiring novelist and screenplay writer to that guy who can write pretty much anything he puts his mind to, including blogs, press releases, web series and business documents (for my day job in manufacturing lately). I have also expanded into filmmaking throughout my life, having written, directed, produced and edited several video projects, a couple short films and a strictly independent feature film while obtaining my degree in cinematic arts. This was not, by any means, a requirement to fulfill to obtain my degree – it was, more or less, just a way to keep myself occupied and challenge myself. It sure taught me quite a bit about what I am capable of, as I spent almost two years on this project and recruited 50 cast/crew members to share involvement in between my college courses, and this was all with a budget of maybe 5,000 dollars over the course of those two years (this practically no-budget, highly-guerilla-style film went on to receive an honorary award at the 2010 Las Vegas Film Festival)! Now, as I write blogs you see on this website and work my day job to make ends meet, I am seeking the true opportunity to take the next step with my screenwriting and producing/directing, but from my home base of NC (since this is where my next work of fiction will be set)…

Recently, I am applying most of my focus toward a “hail Mary” maneuver: writing a web/TV series that is truly unique, something that I know will allow me to truly take the next step. All I need now is a jumpstart for my business to obtain some small funding to at least make some mini episodes and clips for this new project for marketing purposes. I have an entire plan, so that these mini episodes can, in turn, allow me to obtain funding for a pilot episode, which will, in turn, finance the rest of the season, so on and so forth. I am using sites like this to boost my online exposure as much as possible in the meantime, gain more knowledge on all things marketing (also grow more as a writer) and work my way toward that big break, even if it’s just inch-by-inch, in order to make my real dream come true! Thank you for supporting my blogs, and please be on the lookout for any materials I may put out in the coming months about this newest project. I will soon have a fundraising site just for this purpose!

Just to offer a few personal tidbits, I am a very worldly individual and very open-minded, yet also very tactful in everything I do, as I recognize that it is a very complicated and convoluted world, especially when dealing with people of all varieties. I was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, mostly raised in Watertown, CT, but moved to NC around the age of 11 (considering where I was born and where I’ve lived the longest, I am a true southerner at heart, but I also never forget my “yankee” roots – best of both worlds). I have traveled all over the country and seen some of the world outside, allowing me to truly expand my horizons and become a better person (something else I strive for each and every day, regardless of times when I try to convince myself I’m already at a decent point). I have very in-depth opinions about most things, particularly politics and the way our interesting world works. To me, there is no clear-cut conclusion about much of anything, regardless of how much convincing either side of the given argument will try, and all we can do is try our best to create order out of chaos. I am clearly highly motivated in almost everything I do, and I do enjoy meeting new people and hearing new opinions. I would love to hear from all of you, so please never hesitate to utilize my comments sections in these blogs! Thank you for taking the time here to learn about my quirks!

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