5 Ways to Decorate a Vacation Home/Cabin With a Touch of Wild Side

Have you finally found the new traditional vacation home of your dreams? Or perhaps you’ve just landed a cozy little cabin in the woods for some romantic weekend getaways. Either way, if you have a profound love for the outdoors, you might want to consider a few decorating tips that could help you implement some wildlife features without going too overboard. After all, we need to keep things at least a little civilized – stuffed creatures okay, a bunch of living critters a big no-no! Here are five interior design ideas that can help you give this vacation home or cabin a touch of the wild side.

Wood Flooring All The Way!


When it comes to your flooring, there’s no question that, as an outdoor lover, you’ll want to shy away from cheap tiles and even your more luxurious vinyls, not to mention pretty much all other man-made materials. We’re not even going to discuss carpets – although, it’s never a bad idea to add a shag or wool carpet over your best traditional flooring choice, but only in your living room or other comfy areas of the home. There’s no doubt that the quintessential choice for flooring design in a cabin and majority of your most decadent vacation homes is going to be hardwood, with vibrant varieties such as antique pine or cedar, hand-scraped white oak, or maple saddle. Not only will options like these emulate the home’s natural surroundings, but they will also support virtually any other element of Mother Nature you decide to incorporate into your upcoming design choices.

Use Nature In Your Walls and Fixtures


With the application of hardwood flooring in mind, you now have a great foundation for your nature-inspired vacation home. Your next move is to extend the indigenous vibe to your walls! You can do this in several different ways, whether it be a more creative continuance of the wood pattern you’ve started, or touch of Southwest with sandstone and adobe, or even granite brick layers to add a flair of rustic elegance. Speaking of granite and other forms of precious stone that works well for traditional home decor, it can’t hurt to implement these features into your fireplace mantle or other fixtures, like counters and pillars in your lobby or living room. And don’t forget the classic wood beams for your living room, which will definitely come in handy when you’re sprawled on the couch, staring in amazement at the luxurious yet unrefined spectacle you’re designing!

Get Creative With Your Lighting


Now that we’re working up toward the ceiling, let’s discuss how we can spruce up your lighting fixtures with those natural elements. No, we don’t intent to endorse fire hazards like wood-framed lights, nor will we encourage you to go hanging rock-carved chandeliers from your ceiling! Instead, this might be an opportune way to introduce some of your favorite wildlife to the overall design – and no, real animal hides will not be recommended here this time! Rather, we’re thinking more along the lines of complex deer antler lighting accessories that are masterful works of art – those that can easily compete with even the most renowned brand-name lights. However, one wouldn’t think anyone would be too keen on carving out an actual deer antler from a fresh hunt to create an outdoorsy light fixture, no matter how talented of a carver/preserver/artist you think you are! Instead, you might want to simplify the approach, stick with creative shopping and refer to the experts, such as Hughes Products Company.

The Hughes family just so happens to specialize in traditional interior decorating for cabin-style homes, and they extend this passion to their customers by offering a wide variety of deer antler lighting accessories. While it is true that these products are made of injection-molded plastic, guests and family members alike will practically never know these items aren’t the real deal when they tour your amazing home away from home! Check out these signature products such as deer antler chandeliers or elk horn desk lamps before you think of some less permanent fixtures and more homegrown items to transcend the boundaries of a typical traditional vacation home!

Don’t Forget Your Plants!


The next step in your vacation home conversion is adding some plant life to jazz up your indoor/outdoor profile. You can either go with a simple approach like a few potted plants in the most remarkable corners of your home, strategic placement in mind, or you can go all out with potted plants for corners, tabletop and counter top miniature potted varieties and even hanging potted plants. Whatever approach you choose, make sure you do your research on plant types to make sure the look of the species matches the flavor you’ve already added to your overall design. For example, go with an option like virtually any type of decorative cactus if you’re going for the Southwestern interior design. Go with the simplicity of a potted peace lily if you’re sticking with the minimalist approach of a typical log cabin design. Think with this logic as you choose what sort of plant-scheme will complement the rest of your vacation home or cabin decorations.

Bring on Some Game…


While the aforementioned subtitle can have a multitude of meanings in the context of cabins in the woods (board games, games involving couples…you get the point), we are going to stick with wild game here! By far, the most standout way to introduce a taste of the outdoors into your home or cabin is to apply a few professionally-stuffed animals into your interior design. There’s nothing quite like the finishing touch of a prize-worthy caribou head over your mantle or even an intimidating stuffed bear stretched over the corner next to the fireplace in a frightening pose. After all, there’s no better way to make the in-laws feel right at home if they ever decide to impose on you and your spouse’s favorite home away from home!

Using ideas such as these will no doubt help you convert your vacation home into an outdoor excursion that requires no shoes and offers plenty of premium channels!